Hire a helicopter

PrivateFly offers competitive pricing for private helicopter charter, from accredited helicopter operators.

Helicopters are excellent for short flights; to reach remote destinations (and avoid ground traffic); or for sightseeing. Our team can also help you decide which is best for you - a helicopter or light jet, depending on your route and needs.

Many of our customers also charter helicopters for transfers from airports to ski resorts, hotels, music or cultural events, and sports stadiums. They are a great way to arrive at busy venues and peak times, to avoid traffic jams on the ground.

Operating at lower altitudes than most fixed wing aircraft, helicopters can also be hired for short sightseeing flights over countryside or cities.

For more information on helicopter hire call 0911146562 (24 hours).

Private helicopter flights

Helicopters to summer events & destinations

Whether it's the Monaco Grand Prix, Wimbledon, Goodwood, Royal Ascot or Glastonbury, helicopters really come into their own for rapid transport in and out of popular events, when traffic on the ground can grind to a halt.

In the summer months, some of our most popular helicopter destinations in Europe include transfers and sightseeing flights on the Cote d'Azur and Amalfi Coast.

Cote d'Azur helicopter transfers

Nice to Monaco from €1,150
Seats: 5
Flight time: 10 minutes

Cannes to Monaco from €1,290
Seats: 5
Flight time: 12 minutes

Call our team for advice and a quote 0911146562 (24 hours) or contact us for your private helicopter quote to any event or summer destination.

Helicopter ski transfers

We know that maximising time on the slopes is a key priority for PrivateFly’s customers, so we offer our exclusive ski transfer service, offering the very best service and pricing for helicopter transfers to and from some of Europe’s most popular ski resorts. Hire a helicopter to fly direct to your ski resort.

See prices and routes for helicopter ski transfers

Contact our expert team for advice and pricing for your private helicopter to ski resorts on 0911146562 (24 hours).

London heliports

In a large and congested city, helicopter transfers can make a huge difference to your travel time. They can also be combined with private jet or airline flights as a fast connection into the city centre from London airports.

London Battersea Heliport
Charter helicopter flights to and from London Heliport.

London Helicopter Tours
Here's our guide to London helicopter tours and prices.

Contact our expert team for advice and pricing for your London private helicopter charter 0911146562 (24 hours).

Hotels with helipads

hotels with helicopter landing

Many hotels and country estates have a helipad for their guests' use.

Hire a helicopter to fly to country hotels or arrive in style at a hotel or country house in the UK.

UK hotels with helipads

Helicopter sightseeing tours

helicopter sightseeing tours

Single or twin engine helicopter?

There are two classifications of helicopter - single engine and twin engine.

Twin engine helicopters
Twin engine helicopters are bigger, faster and often required for safety reasons by corporations or for night flights.

Popular twin engine helicopters which are available for hire include AS355 Twin Squirrel, Agusta A109 Power and Eurocopter EC155.

helicopter hire prices

Single engine helicopters
Single engine helicopters are less expensive to charter and perfect for short daylight flights.

Popular single engine helicopters which are available for hire include the Bell 206L LongRanger and Eurocopter AS 350B2 Single Engine Squirrel.

Hire a helicopter

PrivateFly works with hundreds of helicopter charter operators worldwide and can provide you with competitive quotes for your helicopter charter itinerary.

Call our team for advice and a quote 0911146562 (24 hours) or contact us for your private helicopter quote.

When to hire a helicopter

Here are some examples of how helicopter charter can be used for business or leisure:

Call our team for advice and a quote 0911146562 (24 hours) or contact us for your private helicopter quote.

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