London to Marrakech by private jet

Private jet charter between London & Marrakech

A popular private jet charter route, the flight between London and Marrakech is popular with business and leisure travellers, connecting Europe and North Africa.

If you’re looking for private jet options between these cities, we’ve compared three different private jet charter options for your next trip.

The flight between London to Marrakech takes you down through Europe and into the North of Africa. Clients can fly in some midsize jets and in larger body private aircraft. Some clients will be looking for the most cost-effective aircraft for the trip; others for a larger jet for more passengers, or more luggage.

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Private jet charter prices from London to Marrakech

Wondering how much it costs to charter a private jet from London to Marrakech? Here are three example private jet charter options.

OPTION 1: Learjet 75

This 8-seater jet is a great choice for a smaller group on this route.
Seats: 8
Estimate charter price: €25,500 (one way)

OPTION 2: Legacy 600

The spacious Legacy 600 is a spacious and high-performing aircraft, with excellent luggage space.
Seats: 13
Estimate charter price: €35,500 (one way)

OPTION 3: Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet is a converted VIP airliner at the very top of the market, offering exceptional performance, space and style.
Seats: 15 - 20
Estimate charter price: €65,000 (one way)

Marrakech private jet airport options

Marrakech Menara Airport is located just 3 miles (or 10 minutes' drive) from the city centre of Marrakech. As one of the busiest private jet airports in North Africa, it offers dedicated facilities for private jet customers.

London private jet airport options

London is the busiest city for private jet travel in Europe and offers a choice of 14 private jet airports, in different parts of the city.

These are the most popular private jet airports in London:

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Empty legs for London & Marrakech

Empty leg flights between London and Marrakech can offer one-way private jet pricing at a discount. Download the PrivateFly app for the latest private jet empty legs between Marrakech and London, plus many other global city shuttles.

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