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Private jet hire prices

Hiring a private jet is also known as private jet charter, or private jet rental. But effectively they all mean the same thing: You are buying the use of a private jet, for a defined trip and purpose. The cost of private jet hire can vary considerably, according to the type of aircraft, the itinerary, and other factors.

For more information on private jet charter prices see how much does a private jet cost?

PrivateFly private jet hire prices

For an initial private jet hire price estimate, you can use PrivateFly's online flight search tool. This gives instant and accurate jet charter pricing for your flight, based on thousands of private jets in our safety-accredited network. Our team is also available for price estimates or advice for your trip.

Contact our 24 hour expert flight team on {{telephone}} or search for instant estimate prices on any flight route using our flight search.

Private jet hire prices are based on:

  • Number of flying hours
  • Type of journey (single, return or multi-leg)
  • Fuel and crew costs
  • Aircraft positioning (from homebase airport)
  • Airport fees
  • Landing fees
  • Overnight costs

However as the private jet charter (hire) market is such a fragmented one, with thousands of aircraft offered by hundreds of operators, there are also market-driven factors that can impact your price, including levels of supply and demand, and the terms between a private jet broker and operator.

PrivateFly private jet hire services

PrivateFly is part of Directional Aviation, one of the world's largest private aviation groups. We offer on-demand private jet hire (charter) in Europe and worldwide, in addition to our Jet Card and Jet Account membership programs.

You can search for instant price estimates online or ask our flight experts for quotes. Either way, we’ll give you a range of market options for your trip, from our accredited network of private jet charter operators – who quote and compete for your trip via our unique technology platform. This includes priority access to premium aircraft from our family fleet – those operated by our parent group Directional Aviation.

How to hire a private jet

For a personalised quote for your private jet charter flight please contact us or call {{telephone}}

(24 hours).

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